ART Lab Solutions

ART Lab Solutions are experts in the cattle IVF industry, manufacturing media designed to meet the metabolic needs of the transferred embryo. Their unique formulated media solutions are shipped throughout Australia and around the world in temperature controlled conditions of 2-8 degrees Celsius.

Previously, ART lab solutions were using a $100 plastic-based solution that required 17kg of ice to achieve internal temperatures of 2-8 degrees Celsius for 72 hours. This unsustainable and costly solution was prohibitive to the company’s financial growth and environmental ethos.

ART Lab Solutions reached out to Planet Protector Packaging for an alternative, environmentally friendly solution that wasn’t cost-prohibitive. We were able to provide ART Lab Solutions with a customised pack-out using the thicker high performance wool and just 5kg of frozen gel ice that achieved 78 hours in Australian summer conditions and 110 hours in Australian winter conditions. As an added bonus, the cost of the solution, delivered to their door, was one-fifth of the price.

For ART Lab, this transition meant a 71% reduction in ice packs needed and an 80% reduction in the cost of packaging. ART Lab has also been able to reduce their shipping costs due to the heavily reduced carton weight.

ARTlab Graph 1

Large Pharma box 2400gsm – this testing was completed for ART Lab Solutions in warmer conditions (78 hours at 2-8 degrees when exposed to temps fluctuating between 15.5 – 44.6).

ARTLab Graph 2

Large Pharma Box 2400gsm- this testing was completed for ART lab Solutions in winter conditions (110 hours at 2-8 degrees when exposed to temps fluctuating between 12.3 – 17.9).


For ART Lab, making the switch to a custom Pharma Protector solution was a no brainer! Now they can save money while demonstrating their sustainability message to their clients and by saving the planet, one pack at a time.