How Planet Protector helped Bondi Meal Prep to expand their business and reach new horizons

Bondi Meal Prep started

partners in sustainability

“Sustainability has always been a focus for Bondi Meal Prep. We’ve always worked on making the best decisions from an environmental standpoint with our menus, but it was time to look at our packaging…”

Bondi Meal Prep needed a solution. And by providing a smart and sustainable packaging solution, Planet Protector delivered.

Bondi Meal Prep was born from the desire to help people.

As a Bondi-based personal trainer, Aled Barry worked with clients towards their goal of getting in shape. But while they were excelling in their workouts, his clients often had difficulties with the food side of their new lifestyles.

“My clients were working hard, but still had trouble getting into shape. They needed more than just training – they needed nutrition,” he says.

So, Aled started planning. Aled’s partner, Kimmi, was in charge of their at-home menu, and was quickly recruited to cook up some meals for his clients. The meals were delicious, nutritious and balanced, with a focus on what to eat rather than how much to eat. Aled’s clients were hooked. Bondi Meal Prep was born.

But there was one missing ingredient – smart, sustainable packaging. Enter Planet Protector.

a smarter, more sustainable alternative

As Bondi Meal Prep grew, Aled was determined to feed his clients in a way that was both nutritious and sustainable. His ‘hippie mum’ had instilled a passion for the environment from a young age. And that passion has grown over time.

Aled initially used polystyrene for food deliveries, but when he was presented with the shocking numbers about waste, he decided to look for a smarter alternative.

“Finding out the massive percentage of polystyrene waste in landfills was really eye-opening. Bondi Meal Prep isn’t about wanting to make a quick buck and create all this waste – I want the business to be the best it can be, in every way. So, I decided to research an alternative. When I came across Planet Protector, I was sold. Then Peter came to speak to us, and that was it. It was a complete no brainer. From sustainability to price, Planet Protector is a total win-win.”

planet protector expanded the business and served up solutions

Right from the start, Planet Protector ticked all the ‘sustainable’ boxes for Bondi Meal Prep. And while Aled wasn’t concerned about the customer response when they changed to Planet Protector packaging, he says he was “pleasantly surprised.”

“Everyone was happy with the change. I think by now, people are really coming around to the facts about climate change and the need to take care of the environment. They mirror our values and that’s why they stick with us.”

Another surprise came along when Aled approached athletes to work with Bondi Meal Prep. He said that while many were initially hesitant to work with a meal prep company because of “all the plastic waste,” they changed their tune once they heard about the company’s sustainable packaging. And they were happy to work with them.

“[Planet Protector] has opened new doors for us in so many ways. Before Planet Protector, it would be impossible for us to cover customers past Bondi,” Aled laughs. “But now we cover all of NSW, Canberra and Newcastle. It has really helped us to expand the business and reach new horizons. Plus, we don’t have the storage issues we had before. The flat-pack solution saves us money and space.”

the smart road to sustainability

Waste is always at the forefront of Aled’s mind. Preventing it, that is!

“All our leftover scraps go to compost. We live across the street from Costa, of Costa’s Garden Odyssey, so we give him loads of compost. He loves it, as you can imagine.”

At the end of the day, partnering with Planet Protector has helped to boost Aled’s passion for building an ethically responsible brand and getting the word out about sustainability.

Switching to Planet Protector has afforded us so many great things. It has given Bondi Meal Prep a professional touch. People don’t want to throw our packaging away. They reuse it. We reuse it. We recycle the liners – we reuse as much as we can. We have customers that leave the boxes out for us to pick up when we deliver a new order. We have created our own little perfect ecosystem.”

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