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How does Woolpack keep my contents cool and safe?

Wool fibres are incredibly effective at absorbing moisture from the air, which minimises humidity and condensation to maintain stable temperatures. The food grade film which the wool is enclosed in allow the wool fibres to breathe. This creates the natural cooling system. When used with ice packs to establish the required cool temperatures for packaging food, Woolpack insulation has been proven to keep contents packed at 1°c, chilled below 5°c for at least 48 hours. Pharma Protector and Pharma+ packaging have been scientifically proven to keep pharmaceuticals within the critical 2°C - 8°C from 24 hours to more than 72 hours. Longer temperatures can be achieved with customised wool thicknesses and configurations. Please contact us for more information.

How is Woolpack processed?

After the raw wool is obtained, it is naturally washed, scoured (using only boiling hot water and soap) and manufactured to make the insulation material to your required specifications. This liner is then cut into lengths and sealed within the recyclable or compostable film.

Is Woolpack hygienic?

The natural washing and scouring process that we use is free from any chemical additives, ensuring that the wool is sterilised without introducing any toxic components to the product. Wrapping and sealing the liner inside a recyclable or compostable film prevents the fibres coming into direct contact with your products. There is absolutely no danger that Woolpack will make your products smell like wool or taint any products in your carton!

Where does your wool come from?

Planet Protector is proud to offer a 100% Australia/New Zealand wool composition in all our products. The wool we recover is a waste product unsuitable for the textile industry and ordinarily destined for landfill.

Is Woolpack wool fireproof?

Wool is naturally fire retardant. Woolpack will smoulder, not flame when exposed to fire.

Does Woolpack work for frozen goods?

Planet Protector has not performed independent testing for frozen goods. However, multiple customers have conducted their own testing and are currently using the product for frozen goods. As different products freeze differently depending on a number of factors, we highly suggest you do your own testing on samples prior to integrating it into your frozen supply chain.

Will Woolpack protect my items in transit?

Yes! Added benefits of wool are its elasticity and its crimp factor, which offer cushioning and impact resistance to goods in transit.

I am shipping overseas. Will there be an issue with customs, as your product is made from wool?

The wool in Woolpack liners is cleaned of all contaminants with high-pressure hot water and soap (and encased in a food- grade film), so from a biosecurity standpoint, there are no issues with you sending your product in Woolpack. Generally, you do not need to declare the composition of your packaging, only the contents of what you are shipping. If you are still concerned about the postal regulations in the country to which you are shipping, we suggest you contact them directly prior to sending any packages.

Can Woolpack be branded with my own corporate logos and images?

Absolutely yes! We offer printing for our standard box range, which we find is the most accessible way for customers to incorporate their own branding into the package. Minimum order quantity for printed boxes is 1000 units. If you are a smaller client, another option is to procure your own sticker to put on our branded boxes. We have purposefully left the majority of the standard box design unprinted to allow for your own sticker branding to be added.

Does Woolpack provide customers with promotional materials surrounding their product?

We are happy to provide you with a Woolpack information flyer to educate your customers! This will explain to your clients what the Woolpack is and how to properly dispose of the components without using landfill.

How does my Woolpack get delivered?

Woolpack cartons come flat packed. Our liners arrive compressed in bundles, which you need to open one hour prior to your packing. This allows the liners to “bounce back” to their original thickness. We primarily send our items in pallets but can courier small bundles to you if you wish.

What is the composition of your icepacks?

The gel solution is made from polyacrylate and sodium benzoate, and is non-toxic. This is safe to put down any domestic or commercial plumbing system with running water. The outer is a kerbside recyclable HDPE plastic suitable for any domestic or commercial recycling bins.