Food Protector

Our Food Protector range uses sheep’s wool unsuitable for the textile industry, which is normally designated a waste product and destined for landfill. Encased in either a recyclable or compostable food grade film, the liner is then placed in a recyclable fibreboard (cardboard) carton with a refrigerant to maintain internal temperatures vs external ambient transport conditions.

Planet Protector’s solutions significantly reduce a business’s incoming transportation, storage costs and carbon footprint by arriving flat-packed and compressed to 50% of its size. Planet Protector’s solutions occupy 20% of the space of the equivalent number of poly boxes, which translates to less pallet movements, reduced cost for transport and lower labour costs. The environmental impact associated with packaging output to your clients is also greatly reduced.

Transitioning to a Planet Protector solution from polystyrene means a demonstrable public commitment to sustainability, greater customisation and printing options and an elevated image of packaging as premium and cutting edge.

Our unrivalled green credentials

Maintains 0°-5°C for 24-72 hours, custom options available for longer shipments

Our solutions are recyclable, compostable, sustainable and renewable

100% Australian and New Zealand wool

Standard range available with the ability to customise cartons with your branding

Woolpack liners are easily customised to your current cartons

Wool is naturally hygroscopic, absorbing moisture and preventing damage to your product

Arrives flat packed, saving on transportation and storage costs

Clearly branded to educate the end-user on proper disposal away from landfill

Wool is non-toxic and antibacterial

Wool naturally cushions your shipments, preventing damage in transit


At Planet Protector, we help businesses and consumers become part of the solution by making better choices in thermal packaging. We’re changing the planet, one pack at a time. Find out how we can bring the Planet Protector solution to your business, today!

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