Lars M. Ljung


Sustainability Manager

As Sustainability Manager, Lars ensures that Planet Protector’s products check all the environmentally friendly boxes.

“Our products need to produce the least emissions when they’re made and they also need to have the correct end of life and disposal methods. My role ensures that our products’ entire life cycle is completely sustainable,” Lars explains.

Lars helps to research and source the right materials for Planet Protector’s products. He makes sure they are easily recyclable, biodegradable and/or compostable.

But Planet Protector is more than its products. Lars explains,

“We consider ourselves to be a packaging company, but I think we’re also in consultancy. We help clients to find ways to use our products.

And for larger clients, that means getting our products into the production line and workflow, and finding solutions that save them money, adding value to their bottom line and the environment.”

Lars has a background in business administration and management, as well as environmental research and management. His experience allows him to really understand the impact of things like economical scale, margins and how they can affect big business decisions.

As for the big move from corporate to environmentally focused start-up…

“I was always drawn to the sustainability aspects of my previous positions. It’s a really interesting industry to be in. Joining Planet Protector was an easy decision to make. I love knowing that we are making a difference.”

Sports fiend!

Whether it’s a hike, rock climbing or jiu-jitsu, Lars loves getting active in his spare time! He’s also partial to sitting down and relaxing with a fresh copy of New Scientist magazine…

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