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Planet Protectors: This little Pig Went to Market 

This Little Pig Went to Market are a premium meal kit company situated in Perth Western Australia. They package up everything you need to prepare a delicious meal along with a beautiful recipe card and deliver it straight to your doorstep, all you need to do then is the chopping and cooking and you have a gorgeous dietician approved meal in front of you ready to chow down on.

Katherine and Jess established their business with the dream of teaching people how easy it is to cook from home easily and to actually enjoy the ingredients they are using. They are educating and connecting people with their food again by helping their customers understand that “a little local supplier actually picked those mushrooms and packaged them and got them to your doorstep or that a family made you a beautiful feta cheese and marinated and put it in tubs by hand” and so on. They aim to showcase the journey of producer to end consumer in all its wonder. Additionally, they only serve free-range meat and eggs and wherever possible use local eco-friendly produce.

How long have they been using WOOLPACK?

This Little Pig went to Market has been using WOOLPACK for about 5 years. When they first started, they were using “awful plastic liners that you had to blow up by hand or use an electric mattress air pump which was super loud, time consuming and labour intensive”.

Why did they choose to make the switch?

The decision was made to find an alternative packaging solution as their previous packaging was just too impractical. They thought there surely had to be a better way and after some research they found WOOLPACK!

They loved the fact that WOOLPACK is environmentally friendly and made using a waste product (waste wool) that would otherwise end up in landfill. Additionally, Co-founder Katherine says the gardener in her loves that the wool felts can be used in compost!

We asked This Little Pig Went to Market, “what would you say to a customer who is unsure if they should transition”? Here is their response:

“Definitely do it!”

“It is not only an investment in sustainability but also a really high-quality product, the branding is fun and explains what it is to the customers in a way that they can immediately understand. We have done lots of testing and we know WOOLPACK can keep products at a beautiful temperature. We are really confident in how long it can keep our quality product, quality. We are thrilled with it and would recommend it to anyone”.

“We are able to deliver our meal kits at 6am in the morning and customers will open them at 8 or 9 at night and they are still nice and cool.

We want to thank This Little Pig Went to Market for being Planet Protectors! We are so happy we were the perfect sustainable solution to their previous packaging problems. 

WOOLPACK is made from 100% pure scoured compostable waste wool felts lined in a recyclable food-grade HDPE film. 

Planet Protector is proud to provide WOOLPACK liners as well as cardboard cartons and compostable mailing pouches to over 300 businesses across Australia and New Zealand. 

For more information on how you can start delivering more sustainably with WOOLPACK please contact us at enquiries@planetprotectorpackaging.com.au

For more information about This little Pig Went to Market visit their website: https://thislittlepigwenttomarket.com.au/