Lillian Markovic

Lillian Markovic

Customer Service Manager AUS

As Customer Service Manager, Lillian represents Planet Protector’s front line. She provides support to the client side of the business, a role she finds gratifying…

“I love working for start-ups and helping them to get started. Planet Protector is just so excited about what they do. And their product is premium… it’s beautiful. I believe in every aspect of what they do and what they produce. I have a major passion for getting the little guys over the line.”

A self-professed ‘people person’, Lillian considers customer service a big-time passion.

She’s been doing it all her life… and for good reason! She’s great at what she does:

“I get all our orders and enquiries and I delegate. 

All our emails come to me, so I sort them into a database. I liaise with dispatch, so orders and samples go out on time, every time. I also follow up on all the samples we send out. I like getting that feedback and hearing how impressed people are with Planet Protector’s products.”

In addition to loving people, Lillian loves food. In fact, she’s Planet Protector’s resident gourmet. She whips up delicious lunches for the team and a range of other sweet treats almost every day!

Trivia time! On weekends, Lillian works as a bereavement counsellor for kids, something she’s been doing for a whopping 16 years. What a woman!

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