Loving Earth

Loving Earth believes that food is sacred.

They wanted to create a product that was ethically-sourced and kind to the environment. So they did.

“We make organic chocolate from cacao which has been grown by the Ashaninka community. This community is found in the remote forest at the source of the Amazon River in Peru, the place where cacao originated,” says Gian Manik, Loving Earth’s chief product developer.

The business wanted to find a packaging solution that would go hand-in-hand with their environmentally friendly philosophy. Something sustainable. Something smart. Something that would support the planet, one chocolate bar at a time.

So, they came to Planet Protector to give them a hand.

“Our outer chocolate boxes are made from 97% post-consumer fibreboard with vegetable ink dyes. Even though it looks like plastic, it’s made from plants… and it’s completely compostable.”

Loving Earth’s packaging is made with cellulose from sustainably managed trees and corn starch polymer from non-GMO corn.

And since Loving Earth’s sweet stuff is made with non-traditional ingredients and no nasties, it needed a packaging solution that wouldn’t be affected by harsh temps.

“It was important to use logistics and packaging that reflected our company’s core values and worked with our product. Planet Protector has given us the opportunity to offer our product in sustainable packaging that works well… even during the warmer months! We’re really happy.”