Mt Cook Alpine Salmon

Mt Cook Salmon

One of New Zealand’s largest producers of Chinook King Salmon that are farmed in a completely pure environment, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon prides itself on selling a premium product without the use of vaccines, pesticides or antibiotics. Their salmon is available at a number of selected retail outlets across all of the major regional centres in New Zealand, along with a selection of partners in Australia, Asia, EMEA and North America.

Mt Cook realised their polystyrene packaging was unsustainable when they started receiving a rapidly growing number of customer complaints around the disposal of their packaging waste. Mt Cook needed a packaging solution that would be environmentally sustainable while still being suitable for long-term domestic and international transport.

Planet Protector worked with Mt Cook over a number of months, designing a custom-made insulated shipping solution that performed better than polystyrene and did not cost any more money than the polybins they were using. This customised solution is made of certified food-safe materials, that are all either 100% recyclable or biodegradable. Planet Protector worked with Mt Cook’s technical team ensuring that the product performed as required and did not cause any operational challenges with the transition. Since transitioning to Woolpack, they have eliminated all customer complaints regarding the end of life!