My Food Bag

The ‘What’s for dinner?’ conversation is a staple in every home. And it can often get a little heated!

My Food Bag is a meal kit and ready-made meal delivery business that prides itself in solving that battle.

Focused on wowing its customers at every opportunity, My Food Bag was looking for new ways to minimise its environmental footprint, support ethical suppliers and expand its reach.

Enter Planet Protector.

My Food Bag CEO, Richard Wafer, explains why Woolpack was the way to go…

“The fact that Woolpack is 100% sheep wool makes it completely biodegradable. We hear plenty of stories from customers who use it in their garden or add it to their compost bin. It outperforms everything else we have tested.”

Scaling the business meant that My Food Bag was encountering some challenges in the transport and reverse logistics departments. Quality and temperature control are key – especially when food is concerned.

By providing smart packaging, Planet Protector helped My Food Bag to expand its business into parts of New Zealand that were once unattainable. Richard explains:

“Woolpack has allowed us to expand our geographical scope and deliver to customers previously out of reach due to the necessary cold chain. It helps keep product cool and improves the quality of our ingredients – unlike other packaging we’ve tried in the past.”

Planet Protector is pleased to help My Food Bag deliver complete quality every single time. As well as customer satisfaction, of course!

“Our customers are able to dispose of their food bag in an eco-friendly way and also have the option of returning their Woolpack liner to be reused for another delivery. Our customers absolutely love it.”