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A new environmentally friendly and sustainable product composed mostly of waste wool has finally made its way to Australian shores that will support the Australian wool industry and many jobs in rural and regional Australian towns.

Transport is a very important component in the postharvest supply chain for many highly perishable goods.

Australia also has very long and treacherous supply chains thanks to the vastness of our country and blistering summer temperatures and in some states, freezing winters.

Planet Protector Packaging offers a unique and sustainable solution to shipping and transport challenges called Woolpack.

Made from biodegradable and compostable felted sheep’s wool sealed within a recyclable food grade film, Woolpack has simply borrowed from nature a way to keep cold products cold and hot products hot while also having the added benefit of a soft cushion to protect and safeguard products from bruising or breaking. Woolpack also protects the integrity of cardboard cartons from major changes in temperature and resultant condensation in the supply chain.

Australia produces some of the best and highest quality wool in the world and as such, is used for the manufacture of apparel products. However, some of the waste wool deemed too poor quality after processing ends up in processing mills around the world. Where possible, Woolpack tries to source up to 25% of Australian waste wool for use in its liners in a bid to support Aussie jobs.

Nature intended that wool would keep sheep warm in winter and cool in summer. Woolpack has been scientifically proven to outperform polystyrene as wool fibers are incredibly effective at maintaining humidity levels and removing condensation to maintain stable temperatures. The recyclable food-grade wrap which encloses the wool in Woolpack is micro-perforated allowing the fibers to breathe and create the natural cooling system.

Woolpack has been proven to keep food contents below the all-important 5 degrees for at least 24 hours and longer ensuring food safety and perfect condition upon arrival to the destination.

Woolpack thermal liners can be customized to suit your individual sizing and branding requirements. We will work with you to deliver a solution that’s right for you and your product.

woolpack benefits

  • Wool is natural, biodegradable, sustainable and compostable
  • Simple and environmentally friendly disposal methods
  • Light in weight
  • No chemical odors
  • Utilizes a product deemed as “waste” by global wool mills thereby reducing landfill
  • Assembled in Australia using Australian employees
  • Supports Australian woolgrowers and associated jobs by ensuring where possible that waste wool content is up to 25% of total content
  • Preliminary research tests undertaken have indicated there are some anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to the wool insulation material used
  • Reduces condensation and maintains humidity levels during transport
  • Offers cushioning protection for delicate and perishable items
  • Offers customised sizing to suit your individualised needs, reducing warehouse storage and transport costs
  • Can be produced to showcase your personalised company branding, taglines, and digital platforms

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