Peter Hofbauer

Peter Hofbauer

Chairman & Board Member

Peter was driven by change. Back in the HelloFresh days, he saw a massive need for transformation.

“When we were doing the HelloFresh operation, there used to be seven trailers coming every day delivering these white polystyrene boxes. They were piling up. There were about 35,000 of them. It really made me stop and think… there’s got to be a better way.”

And there was!

It was when Peter joined Planet Protector that he began to really immerse himself in the plan to protect the planet.

“When you get involved in something that’s good for the environment, you start learning. You start linking a few things. You realise that something needs to be done. “

“I was quick to realise that Planet Protector had some great ideas. Now, all I think about is the environment!” he laughs.

Peter likes to work with big corporations that may be reluctant to change. He likes to present them with the numbers and the facts. Inevitably, big businesses realise that a simple product switch could save them money and space, and boost their environmental credentials.

Working with Foodstops in New Zealand is a great example.

“Foodstops controls nearly 65% of all supermarkets in NZ. They’ve put a plan a place so that in the next two years they will stop accepting goods in polystyrene packaging. That means they can tell their suppliers that they’ve found a company (us!) that will help them with that change and also save them money…”

Peter’s vision for the future is to build on research, development and marketing of Planet Protector’s products, as well as discovering more natural fibres to work with.

Trivia time! Peter previously worked for the Hyatt in Sydney, Indonesia and Iran. He even operated two of his own hotels!

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