Globally, pharmaceutical transporters discard 25-50% of destroyed high-value medications including vaccines, IVF and chemotherapy due to cold chain breaches. Current market solutions that lower this discard rate can cost $100 per unit or more and are not environmentally responsible. The Pharma Protector range has been developed to minimise discarded product and delivery costs, whilst ensuring product quality and patient safety are maintained.

The cubed configuration of our Pharma Protector range is able to stabilise internal product temperatures regardless of external environmental conditions, a key attribute particularly given the high ambient temperatures experienced in Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Planet Protector offers customised client solutions and cold chain testing to ensure product performance and client confidence. Internal validation is spearheaded by the Pharmaceutical Director, who is a registered pharmacist and expert in cold chain validation.

Our unrivalled green credentials

Pharma Protector maintains 2°-8°C for up to 24 hours, Pharma+ maintains 2°-8°C for up to 72 hours

Custom designed options available for longer shipments

Our solutions are recyclable, biodegradable, compostable and sustainable

100% Australian and New Zealand wool

Standard range available with the ability to customise cartons with your branding

Woolpack liners are easily customisable to your current cartons

Wool is naturally hygroscopic, absorbing moisture and preventing damage to your items

Arrives flat packed, saving on transportation and storage costs

Can be marked to educate the end-user on proper disposal away from landfill

Wool is non-toxic, additive-free and sterilised before being made into our liners

Wool naturally cushions your shipments, preventing damage in transit


Planet Protector is superior to polystyrene and other eco-friendly competitors in thermal performance.  Learn more about the science of Planet Protector solutions.

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