At Planet Protector, we have created a range of industry specific cold chain packaging solutions that are
the perfect fit to protect your products during
transport. Each range has been custom designed and independently tested
to ensure
it meets industry standards and provides the exact level of protection your product needs.

Food Protector 

Our Food Protector range can safely, sustainably ship a wide variety of fresh and frozen goods. All solutions are recyclable,
environmentally responsible and compostable with an end of life easily diverted from landfill.

The Food Protector is ideal for:

Pharma Protector & Pharma Protector +

Pharma Protector range has been specially designed by our in-house experts to minimise wastage and delivery costs,
whilst ensuring product quality and patient safety are maintained.

The Pharma Protector range is ideal for:

Seafood Protector

Seafood Protector range is designed to ship processed and live catch both domestically and overseas. Our solutions are
water resistant and leak proof while still being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The Seafood Protector range is ideal for:


Pouch Protector

Pouch Protector solutions are suitable for small courier or postal shipments for artisan food producers such as cheese,
kimchi or chocolates. They are great for small e-commerce shipments!


Planet Protector Ice Packs are non-toxic with a recyclable outer and inner gel suitable for disposal in commercial or
residential sinks with running water.

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