Planet Protector’s 100% compostable Pouch Protector range is designed for short postal or courier shipments of small and artisan goods such as cheese, kimchi, chocolate and yogurt.

Our environmentally friendly pouches use sheep’s wool unsuitable for the textile industry, which is normally designated a waste product and destined for landfill. The wool is encased in a compostable food grade film and then placed inside a home compostable mailer. This means your pouch solution is 100% home compostable, making disposal as simple as the end-user burying it in the backyard or adding the mailer to their home compost!

Transitioning to a Planet Protector solution away from polystyrene means a demonstrable public commitment to sustainability, a large reduction of your environmental impact and an elevated image of your packaging as premium and cutting edge.

Our unrivalled green credentials

Maintains 0°-5°C for 30-36 hours (depending on external conditions), custom options available for longer shipments

Our pouch solutions are 100% compostable, sustainable and renewable

100% Australian and New Zealand wool

Standard range comes in two different optimised postage sizes for easy, efficient shipping

Wool is naturally hygroscopic, absorbing moisture and preventing damage to your items

Clearly marked to educate the end-user on proper disposal away from landfill

Wool is non-toxic and antibacterial

Wool naturally cushions your shipments, preventing damage in transit


It’s time to think inside the box. Are you ready to try commercially viable cold chain packaging that doesn’t cost the Earth? Get in touch to find out how we can work with you to customise an optimal solution that is specific for your cold chain needs.

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