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Sustainability and saving the environment are at the forefront of many peoples mind. As we continually see the detrimental effects of climate change, plastic waste and mass consumption on the rise, people are seeking ways to help our planet, now more than ever.

According to the World Business Council for Sustainable development.

“Consumers in rapidly developing and developed markets – particularly China, Australia, Sweden and the US – report a propensity to buy from companies with a reputation for environmental and social responsibility and, in a study by the European Union, 75% of respondents agreed that they would pay more for environmentally friendly products.”

Consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based off of the credentials of a company. They may look at corporate social responsibility, ethical production practices and levels of environmental friendliness. They want to be able to express their values through their purchasing decisions and which businesses they choose to support.

According to small business 71% of Consumers Prefer Buying from Companies Aligned with Their Values. 83% of the millennial demographic within the sample group stressed the importance of companies aligning with their values. Whilst boomers and generations X’s do still care about company values on a broad range of topics, evidence shows younger generations care greatly about the environment and businesses must meet their needs in order to remain future forward and avoid falling behind.


There are some vital areas for businesses to be aware of in terms of sustainability and consumers.

1. You should try to ensure your product or service is easy to access and affordable where possible.

2. If your product is less affordable due to the costs of sustainable and ethical production make sure you really highlight your positive credentials. Show your customers that your product is premium, helping to save the environment and ethically made. Many people will be drawn to your excellent corporate social responsibility and buy from your brand despite the cost because they feel as though they are making a positive impact. Additionally as mentioned before many consumers choose to buy from companies whose views align with their own.

3. Leverage the power of your consumer to share information about companies, products and services especially via social networks! Be a company that is making waves for all the right reasons… be worthy of sharing!


Here are some different approaches to sustainability as described by the World Business Council for sustainable development.

1. Innovation

Within your own business work on research and development of new and improved products, services and business models. Incorporate sustainability measures into your structures, practices and products/services.

2. Choice – influencing

Use your platform!

Marketing is a powerful tool, use your communications avenues to raise awareness, form campaigns and encourage consumers to think and purchase sustainably!

3. Choice – editing

This involves tweaking aspects of your business by removing unsustainable products, products components, and packaging working in collaboration with other partners and stakeholders.


By innovating, choice-influencing and choice editing your business can leverage sustainable credentials to build brand equity and strong brand values.

Sustainable consumption is a systemic challenge. Large scale change requires collective effort; businesses, governments, general society and consumers all have the power to affect change. Whilst many consumers may feel a moral responsibility to live sustainably, many feel as though they cannot do so without effective support from governments, NGOs and the businesses they interact with.

Studies show many consumers feel as though brands actually make it harder for them to be environmentally friendly and ethical in their daily lives.

Don’t be one of those companies!

At Planet Protector we have developed a premium innovative packaging solution called WOOLPACK!

WOOLPACK is made of waste wool which is 100% biodegradable, sustainable and compostable. It is an excellent thermal insulator for your food and pharmaceuticals and can even protect fragile goods.

Your customer will feel much better knowing when they order from you, they aren’t going to be harming the environment. Be an industry leader, stand up and stand out, be a planet protector and join the flock today!


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We look forward to building even more sustainable partnerships!!!