Svetlana Roshchupko

Svetlana Roshchupko

Financial Controller

Svetlana is Planet Protector’s financial whiz. She works as an independent consultant, helping the business in all things finance in an honest and transparent way.

Svetlana explains what she does:

“I take care of payroll, accounts, payables and receivables. I also oversee cash flow and projections, as well as any grants we’re working on.”

She met Jo while she was working as a chartered accountant… a role she’d been in for over 20 years. Svetlana was so adept at the numbers game that Jo eventually asked her to join the Planet Protector team.

“I love working with Jo. She inspires loyalty and is a great leader. She’s never too busy for you. If you have a problem, she’s there to help.”

Busy (mama) bee“I have two boys and a little girl. It’s funny because she’s all about clothes, makeup and dancing… and I’m the complete opposite,” she laughs.
“I’m an accountant by day, an artist by night (her eldest is a budding artist) and a dance mum in between.”

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