THREE Time WorldStar Award winners with Lobster Protector

Team Planet Protector is excited to announce that we have received three awards at the World Packaging Organisations prestigious WorldStar Awards! 

Our Lobster Protector won awards in three categories including; Food, Packaging & Material Components and Transit. 

This is an exciting addition to the four awards we won across four categories at the 2018 WorldStar Packaging Awards!

Lobster packaging carton with lobsters
Planet Protector’s Award winning Lobster Protector.

The World Packaging Organisation WorldStar Awards:

The World Packaging Organisation’s vision is to create a ‘Better quality of life, through better packaging for more people’. The organisation understands packaging is vital but recognises the need for more effective and sustainable solutions. They promote the global development of packaging technology, science and engineering by providing resources, advice and forums as well as rewarding innovators. 

The World Packaging Oragnisation’s WorldStar Awards are the Academy Awards of the packaging industry, the pre-eminent international packaging award gives worldwide recognition to companies for state of the art packaging innovation. There were 345 entrants and 35 participating countries for the 2021 Competition. WorldStar applications are only open to those who have already won recognition on a national level. Entrants are then judged by an expert panel of industry leaders who compare similar packages and identify the superior products in each of the 16 categories. Our Gold winning entry into the hotly contested food category at the Australian Institute of Packaging PIDA awards allowed us this opportunity to enter the WorldStars! 

Why did our Product win Awards?:

For decades, polystyrene has been the go-to packaging for cold-chain delivery of live seafood. Our winning product the Lobster Protector is the world’s first 100% plastic-free live crustacean packaging solution! Sustainability meets increased effectiveness with the Lobster Protector which is; leak-proof, flat packable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. 

Additionally, the packaging is designed for breathability, resulting in a lower mortality rate than polystyrene. The industry standard mortality rate is 5%, however, live trials using the Lobster Protector achieved less than 1%. When exposed to ambient conditions, fluctuating between 4℃ – 25℃ over a 30 hour period, the WOOLPACK liners delivered better thermal, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen and fish weight loss outcomes than polystyrene. 

Overall, the Lobster Protector ensures the lobsters arrive at their destinations in better condition, happier and healthier to attract premium prices!

Proven Credentials of the Lobster Protector
✅  100% Plastic Free
✅  Comprised of Food-Safe materials which are 100% kerb-side recyclable or biodegradable
✅  Design considerations controlling the level of C02 build up in transit
✅  Designed for breathability lowering mortality rate
✅  Biodegradable water-resistant coating
✅  Moisture absorbing to maintain structural integrity
✅  Flat packed on arrival and easy to assemble
✅  Can be corporate branded
✅  Complies with all requirements of IATA (International Air Transport Association) for domestic and exports
✅  Also perfect for live Crabs  

We are very thankful to the World Packaging Organisation for these awards and look forward to continuing to deliver sustainable, effective and innovative packaging solutions!