Winnie Woolpack champions sustainable insulated packaging to help save our planet

The fight to reduce the use of polluting and unsustainable packaging has a new hero – Winnie Woolpack!

The eco-warrior ambassador for the Australian insulated packaging company Planet Protector Packaging is making her debut at this year’s Sydney Royal Easter Show.

The life-size sheep made almost entirely of sheep’s belly wool represents a new insulated packaging solution that is made out of one of the world’s most natural materials – wool.

Woolpack CEO, Joanne Howarth, says the company developed Woolpack insulated packaging to help deal with the increasingly urgent need for non-polluting packaging.

“This totally sustainable, eco-responsible product launched in 2016 is reducing Australian landfill by replacing millions of petroleum-based polystyrene boxes,” she says.

“We have simply borrowed from nature and utilized the unique thermal qualities of sheep’s wool. What we have created is a biodegradable and compostable product that outperforms all other synthetic insulated packagings including polystyrene.”

Woolpack insulated packaging is made entirely of felted sheep’s belly wool combined with a recyclable food-grade liner.

“Within the first year of trading, more than two million polystyrene boxes were removed from the environment and replaced with Woolpack insulated packaging which saw the product transporting all sorts of fresh foods, seafood, and pharmaceuticals in an environmentally responsible manner.”.

Cool chain supply companies are reporting that not only does Woolpack outperform other packaging products, it is opening new markets for them because it’s allowing frozen and chilled goods to be transported much greater distances and still arrive in the same fresh condition.

“Woolpack’s unique attributes are also resulting in a multitude of cost savings for customers in areas such as reduced food loss as well as fuel, transport, and storage savings. Meal delivery companies are now discovering the benefits of Woolpack insulated packaging with their customers who are giving them a big tick for using packaging that is environmentally responsible,” she says.

Meet Winnie Woolpack at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and take a selfie with her and find out why Woolpack is the best performing insulated packaging that’s also best for our planet!

Winnie is located at the Farm of the Future Display in the Horden Pavilion during the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

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