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Woodside Cheese Wrights is situated in the Adelaide Hills, a beautiful part of South Australia where all their cheese is made using local cow, goat and buffalo milk.

The wonderful owner of Woodside Cheese Wrights, Kris Lloyd joined  us for a ZOOM call where we spoke about her business and their use of Planet Protector’s WOOLPACK.

About Woodside: 

Kris Lloyd is a self taught Cheese Maker who has headed up Woodside Cheese Wrights at Woodside in the Adelaide Hills for over 20 years. She is passionate about all things cheese, food, wine and the Cheese Making industry in Australia. Kris is supported by a dedicated team of cheesemakers that ensure all the cheeses produced at the factory at Woodside are of the highest quality. She has pioneered a range of cheeses that have a point of difference and a special place on your cheese board. 

How long have you been using WOOLPACK?

“As I absolutely detest polystyrene, my quest to find something that would be more environmentally friendly has been a long endeavour”. 

When Kris started sending out cheese years ago there was not really an alternative, when she came across WOOLPACK she was absolutely thrilled. She has now been using our packaging for about 4-5 years.

How has WOOLPACK benefited your company?

Kris says at Woodside Cheese Wrights they like to let their customers know that their packaging is environmentally friendly. The environment is important and she knows it is important to customers too, with increasing demand for sustainable packaging and shipping methods. 

“Planet Protectors Packaging is so carefully designed that we can be more far reaching with our deliveries”. WOOLPACK gives Woodside the opportunity to have longer delivery periods secure in the knowledge that their gorgeous cheeses will arrive safely. 

Thanks to WOOLPACK they are able to ship all across Australia without limitations, from Far North Queensland to Western Australia and down to Tasmania. 

What would you say to those who are uncertain about making the transition to WOOLPACK?

Kris says she has recommended Planet Protector to many people and believes everyone should be paying attention to the environmental impacts of things like polystyrene which is incredibly hard to break down or doesn’t break down at all. We all need to take responsibility for caring for our planet. You must think about your own feelings towards the environment as well as the stance you would like your business to take and finally understand what your end user expects. 

She constantly gets amazing feedback from customers saying the packaging is amazing and they are so happy the product is shipped in environmentally friendly packaging. 

There is a big expectation from consumers for your brand to be ethical and eco-friendly in the production and shipment of goods and services. Don’t let them down!

COVID-19 and the future of Woodside Cheese Wrights 

Kris said COVID forced her business into a brand new environment, one where they had to be innovative and think outside the box – they were very successful with this. She believes everyone should continue the quest for finding different ways to do things even post-COVID – this includes constantly aiming to be more sustainable throughout all business practices. 

In the future Kris hopes to continue to flourish in the online ordering space and is excited about the new “Clever Little Cheese Club”.

For more information on Woodside Cheese Wrights visit their website at:

BONUS fun fact!

A cheese ‘wright’ is a professional cheese maker!

Thank you Woodside Cheese Wrights for being loyal Planet Protectors! We are so happy our WOOLPACK helps you deliver your amazing cheeses across Australia so people from all over the country can be lucky enough to get a taste! 

WOOLPACK is made from 100% pure scoured waste wool felts lined in a food grade HDPE film. 

Planet Protector is proud to provide WOOLPACK liners as well as cardboard cartons and compostable mailing pouches to over 300 businesses across Australia and New Zealand. 

For more information on how you can start delivering more sustainably with WOOLPACK please contact us at