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Key sectors: Food and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals and Seafood

The science behind Woolpack

Science behind woolpack

Woolpack, at its core, borrows from nature: just as wool keeps sheep warm in winter and cool in summer, so too does Woolpack technology for the contents of its boxes and pouches.

The specifically chosen fibres are incredibly effective at absorbing moisture from the air (hygroscopic), minimising humidity and condensation to maintain stable temperatures.

The recyclable or compostable liner which encloses the wool is micro-perforated to allow the wool fibres to breathe and create the natural cooling system.

Our Woolpack solutions have been tested and proven to outperform both polystyrene and alternative packaging.

Clients have also found a reduced need for refrigerant as opposed to polystyrene. This saves resources and reduces freight costs.

From fresh foods to seafood, pharmaceuticals, to chocolate, Woolpack has been proven to keep contents below 5°C for well over 24 hours and between 2°C and 8°C for 72 hours and beyond. Woolpack outperforms all other alternatives currently in the marketplace.
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Woolpack benefits and features

Flat-packed delivery of Planet Protector solutions means up to 80% savings on storage, movement and unloading costs when compared to an equivalent volume of polystyrene boxes. In addition, the wool liners come compressed to 50% of their original size, further saving space and cost. Just open your packs, wait an hour, and you are ready to be a Planet Protector!

No harsh chemicals are used in Woolpack’s manufacture. The wool is simply scoured using soap and hot water. This means Woolpack wool felts are 100% biodegradable, compostable and sustainable.

Superior insulation means less refrigerant (commonly ice packs) is necessary, reducing the cost and weight of transport and creating less plastic and water wastage. Most customers find they can reduce the amount of refrigerant they use by at least 20%.

Due to the superior performance of Woolpack in high and rapidly fluctuating external temperatures, many customers are able to eliminate the use of refrigerated trucks with consequent significant energy and delivery cost savings.

Polystyrene has limited thickness and size options, whereas Woolpack liners can be quickly and easily customised to client’s bespoke cartons or temperature needs, offering substantial cost savings to companies during cooler months and/or shorter shipments. Clients also find that the limited sizes of polystyrene mean they are frequently sending surplus air in their packages. In contrast, Planet Protector cartons are able to be tailored to your exact size needs and customised with your personal branding for maximum impact.

Due to the hygroscopic nature of wool and the breathable food and pharmaceutical grade film, Woolpack reduces condensation and removes humidity – preventing spoilage of perishable items and maintaining the integrity of the cardboard cartons during transit. This also allows the wool to absorb any product odours!

Woolpack liners can be reused multiple times, often more times than poly boxes which easily crush and break apart in rough transport. For clients with access to reverse logistics e.g. a subscription-based meal kit, a customer recycling program option is available which gives the client a credit against future purchases because it reduces the amount of raw materials consumed.

Less damaged products consigned to landfill due to packaging failures means less waste and less cost to your business. Woolpack thermal properties and cushioning effect ensure products arrive safely and in good condition to their destination. We can conduct in-house testing in a variety of temperature profiles or advise you how to conduct your own to ensure everything is working optimally for your shipments.

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